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Vibrational Essence, Freelance Developer, Consultant, College Prof, Game Designer and Human - Robert French

Greetings!!! I'm Robert French, a freelance software developer, consultant, college professor, indie game designer and overall computer g33k living in Peterborough and working in and around Toronto and the GTA. I've been writing software professionally for more then 15 years (the majority of which has been in the freelance world) and I've been teaching in the private vocational college circuit off and on for about 13 years.

I've had my fair share of "real JOB's" (Just Over Broke), but I prefer the freedom that comes from freelance work and know that it's much more secure, rewarding and fun then any 9 to 5 grind could ever hope to be. I state this upfront because some of the things you may find and/or read on my site will seem to be unconventional coming from a strict nine to five, five days a week mindset.

The purpose of my site is multifaceted, primarily it's a way to provide communication with existing (or new) students and clients as well as other humans existing in this time/space. It's also somewhere that I can host projects, track issues, stick prototypes, thoughts, ramblings, and maybe offer some additional education, it's also the main location of my constantly growing portfolio and while it may look like a strictly 'professional' site, it's really not. It has my professional resources and references, but it's my personal site and some of my ramblings are deeper, more controversial, and unique and sometimes somewhat more twisted then that. *Don't say I didn't warn you* LOL!

Poke around, there is plenty to see, read and play with. Comments, Suggestions, Flames or other Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. Keep in mind that i'm currently updating, so some of the content may appear skewed. It will be corrected shortly ;-)

Best Regards and thanks for stopping in!

- Robert